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Friday August 18th 11AM: Free Flow Friday

Wellth Within Vinyasa Flow - This classic yet powerful Vinyasa flow will center you while you work up a sweat. Stimulate your mind, connect breath to movement and move your muscles while listening to an empowering playlist. Improve flexibility and strength while feeling inspired, soulful and renewed.

Start: Fri Aug 18th 11:00am

Saturday August 19th 10AM: Kick It by Eliza

Music Driven. Sweat inducing. Kickboxing inspired.

Start: Sat Aug 19th 10:00am

Saturday August 19th 11AM: Solace - Flow into Strong

The first class that blends both yoga and strength training seamlessly throughout an hour to create a cohesive and effective workout. An hour of moving mindfully, understanding your limits, and then pushing past them. Flow Into Strong will help you understand both the yin and yang, the soft and the fire, of your body while at the same time delivering a great workout. You’ll leave feeling empowered, refreshed, and most importantly: strong, mentally and physically.

Start: Sat Aug 19th 11:00am

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